At the core of our brand lies a profound recognition:

Our people are the fundamental element of our company. At the core of our brand lies a profound recognition: our people are the fundamental element of our company. They are not only the creators behind our brand but also the very individuals for whom our products are crafted.

As a family-oriented company, we prioritize fostering meaningful relationships within our organization and beyond.

Our commitment reaches further than mere transactions; it encompasses an authentic care for the well-being and success of each member of our team.


In our company, equality is not just a principle – it is a cornerstone of our culture, where each person is valued and respected regardless of gender, race, or background. We cultivate an inclusive environment, celebrating diversity and offering equal opportunities for all employees to excel and share their distinctive viewpoints. Our commitment to equality is woven into our everyday practices, ensuring a fair and inclusive workplace for all, characterized by employees, customers’ community, and products designed with everyone in mind.

Human rights

The employees adhere to regulatory guidelines, working the appropriate number of hours and receiving compensation comprising basic salaries, machine operation bonuses, additional bonuses, one-time awards, milestone rewards, and extensive social benefits, including random grants, holiday assistance, and low-interest housing loans. Moreover, our company upholds a policy of equality, ensuring that there is no disparity in compensation based on gender, nor in opportunities for advancement or recognition.

Work environment

In our company, we meticulously craft the work environment to enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and promote well-being. We place a premium on employee safety, implementing stringent health and safety protocols, and offer ample resources for personal and professional growth. Through transparent communication channels and supportive leadership, our goal is to cultivate a positive and empowering workplace culture where employees are valued, motivated, and inspired to excel. Our team comprises highly skilled specialists and experts, ensuring excellence in every aspect of our operations.

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