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INGLOT, being the operator of the website, is the entity that places cookies on your terminal equipment. These files may also be used by partners cooperating with the website operator. Additionally, cookie files may be stored and used by third party entities cooperating with the operator, therefore we recommend that you read the rules for the use of these files in the Privacy Policy adopted by these third party entities. Cookie files are computer data which are stored on the website user’s terminal equipment (computer, laptop, smartphone or other mobile devices) used to browse web pages, with the reservation that the data does not personally identify the user.

Types of cookies used

Our website uses the following:
    1. first-party cookies (created directly by our website) and third-party cookies (placed by external entities). Third-party cookies include those placed by the social network Facebook and by Google. These cookies are administered exclusively by the entity that sends them in accordance with its privacy policy. In the case of third-party cookies, we do not control the information provided by these cookies, nor do we retain access to this data;Detailed information regarding cookie files originating from Google can be found at: information regarding cookie files originating from Facebook can be found at: on how to disable cookies in the specific browsers can be found on their respective websites:
      • Mozilla Firefox:
      • Google Chrome:
      • Internet Explorer 7 and 8:
      • Internet Explorer 9 and 10:
      • Opera:
      • Safari:
      Information on how to manage cookies on your mobile phone can be found in your phone’s official user manual.
    1. session (temporary) and permanent cookies. Temporary cookies are files that are placed and stored on your terminal equipment until you log out, leave the website or switch off the software; they are erased and are no longer active once the browser is closed. Permanent files are not deleted when you close the browser and are also stored on your terminal equipment after you have finished using the website, for a limited period of time, depending on the website owner’s settings, or until you delete the relevant cookies manually;
    2. necessary cookies, which enable correct operation of the website or the features you wish to use;
    3. functional cookies, which are not necessary for the operation of the website, but facilitate the use of the website by personalising the user interface and adapting the website to the user’s preferences. If these cookies are blocked, certain functions of the website will not work properly;
    4. business-related cookie files, which implement the model based on which the website is provided to the public; blocking these cookies will not render the entire functionality of the website unavailable, but may reduce the level of the services provided due to the website owner’s inability to realise the revenue that subsidises the operation of the website.

Why do we collect and store cookie files

Cookies are used to improve and facilitate operation of the website. They are most commonly applied to: enable identification of the fact that the user is logged in; perform authentication by means of the login service; enable automatic logging into the website; detect abuse of authentication within the website; show the user that they are logged in to the website; save data such as information entered into order forms or login details; store information necessary for the operation of the online shopping cart; monitor the availability of goods; enable the settings of specific features and services on the website; display the most recently viewed products in the online shop; adapt the content of the products to the user’s preferences; maintain the user’s session (after logging in) so that the user does not have to re-enter his/her login and password on each sub-page of the website; use a tool for online communication and payment; integrate with a social network; exchange information with commercial partners in order to provide services on our website; and make information about services, products and functions available to you.

Changing your cookie settings

If you do not agree to cookies being stored by default on your terminal device, you can change the settings of your internet browser at any time. In particular you can change these settings in ways that will make it possible for the system to block the automatic handling of cookies, including the default saving and storage of cookies, or to notify you each time that cookies may be placed on your device. Detailed information on the possibility and methods of handling cookies is available in the settings of your software (web browser). At the same time, we wish to point out that if you reject cookies, some features on our website may be disabled or may function incorrectly.

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