beauty inspired
by science

beauty inspired
by science

Our mission

Empowering beauty worldwide through exceptional products, inclusive community & unwavering trust.

The quote from CEO

I am with INGLOT because this family business has never failed to deliver an excellent product. We have been doing this for more than four decades in our own labs and production plants. Thanks to that, we can offer the highest quality products at fair value. But there is no stopping here. We keep learning and continue to develop
skincare-infused beauty products, among other areas, in our strong beauty organization, which is renowned worldwide.

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INGLOT in numbers

6 continents

A presence on all six continents, proves global reach and accessibility and enhanced brand visibility to customers worldwide

+ 90 countries

Operating across 90 countries leverages a widespread global presence to access diverse markets, foster cultural connections, and strengthen brand recognition

+2000 locations

With a network of over 2000 locations globally, the brand operates across diverse retail formats including free-standing monobrand stores, shopping mall islands, multibrand kiosks, and airport terminals

+1200 SKUs

The extensive product portfolio comprises 1200 SKUs, providing a comprehensive range of offerings to meet the varied needs and preferences of our customers

Online & Offline

The brand is expanding its presence across both online and offline channels, strategically developing its reach to effectively engage with customers through various platforms and channels


We provide a diverse range of color cosmetics and skincare products, understanding that flawless makeup begins with well-cared skin. Our commitment is to offer both artistic expression and effective skincare in our product lineup.

INGLOT added value


cruelty free


vegan formulas


halal formulas


Certified since 2011




Vast majority of products contain active ingredients

Global bestsellers


The translucent, multifunctional liquid transforms any makeup product into waterproof and prolongs its shelf life. Serves perfectly to turn eyeshadows into eyeliners, enhances the color of eyeshadows, dilutes thick gel formulas, restores dried our mascaras, etc.


Recognized as ‘the blackest black’ eyeliner used by celebrity makeup artists worldwide. Creamy formula creates remarkably long-lasting lines with superior intensity, without any touch-ups.


The top-selling eyeliner offers intense pigmentation, effortlessly defining the eyes with its easy blending and smudging properties. Its fast-drying waterproof formula, infused with moisturizing active ingredients, provides long-lasting wear and creates a captivating eye-popping effect when applied to the waterline.


An extremely durable, abrasion resistant nail polish, that includes min. 74% of natural origin ingredients.The breathable formula ensures the penetration of water and air through to the nail plate, helping to maintain it in the best possible condition.


The power of intense colors and full coverage in one. An innovative, silky formula provides the effect that lasts for hours, does not smudge and is transfer resistant. Infallible for all occasions.

Soft Precision Lipliner

This lipliner perfectly contours the lips with its easy-to-use, precise formula. Its smooth texture allows for effortless application, ensuring sharp and defined lines. Versatile enough to be used all over the lips, it delivers long-lasting color and flawless definition.

Hd Perfect Coverup Foundation

This foundation provides long lasting coverage and conceals discoloration as well as imperfections. The product ensures natural, flawless finish adjusting to each skin tone and preventing excess shine. Enriched with white truffle extract, it keeps the skin moisture balanced. Suitable for sensitive skin. 

Cream Blush & Cream Bronzer

The formula of Cream Blushes and Bronzers perfectly melts into the skin, the colors that match every skin tone and the application is absolutely effortless. The products blend great with other products and are perfect for wet contouring.


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