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Private Label

means 40 years of experience in the industry with sophisticated know-how, extensive base of suppliers, manufactory plants and modern laboratories. 

The facilities

The facilities include 4 production plants and specialized laboratories dedicated to specific areas of expertise like microbiology, quality control, new product development, refreshing product development and newly established laboratory focusing on innovation (SPSR).

Attention to details

The emphasis is placed on every aspect, from selection of ingredients, choice of technologies, adherence to safety procedures and documentation to packaging.

INGLOT’s standards

Components & products not tested on animals

GMP certified 

Vegan certification option

Local manufacturing 

European Union production

Build your portfolio

  • with products tailor-made to your market needs, customer’s expectations and distribution channels
  • in line with your own brand DNA
  • based on the highest quality ingredients, advanced technologies in accordance with the latest market trends
  • with our assistance and support during the full process of products creation
  • including all necessary product tests, documentation provided
  • choosing creative packaging and in line with labeling regulations

Choose the best form of cooperation:

  • formulas developed from scratch according to your brief
  • ready made formulas matching your concept

Products we specialize in:

  • makeup 
  • skincare
  • body care
  • personal hygiene


  • Flexible minimum order
  • Quick production time
  • Ready made formulas
  • Brand new formulas
  • Research & documentation
  • Prime quality components
  • Advanced technologies
  • Packaging & Labeling
  • Innovation
  • Flexibility


Create your own brand with us!

Find out the cooperation opportunities

Area of cooperation