The brand’s portfolio consists of three primary lines, featuring more than 1500 meticulously crafted SKUs, developed in a science-based environment to meet the varied needs and preferences of each consumer.

Created on the foundation of the latest trends and informed by customer feedback and requirements, our products are designed to resonate with customers worldwide. With a keen focus on customer satisfaction, our portfolio taps into the ever-evolving needs of consumers, offering innovative solutions that align with their lifestyles and aspirations.

Product categories in brand’s portfolio


The extensive range of face and body products provides all the cosmetics necessary for your daily skincare routine, makeup application, and makeup removal. A wide selection of concealers, foundations, powders, blushes & bronzers, highlighters allows for finding products perfectly matching complexions worldwide.


The collection of products for eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows is available in a wide range of colors, shades and textures. Highly pigmented loose or compact eyeshadows, gel or precision eye pencils, brow products and mascaras allows for achieving the desired look.


Lip products encompass a diverse array of shades, formulas, and finishes to suit every individual’s preferences and needs. A diverse selection of lip makeup products consists of rich and colorful lines of lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, lip glosses and lip pencils with different formulas and finishes.


The brow products provide a comprehensive range of solutions for achieving perfectly defined and sculpted eyebrows. The line consists of brow styling gels, soaps, pencils and sets.


A large collection of nail polishes and nail care products. The available products include an exceptionally wide range of nail polish colors with different textures, formulas and finishes, as well as top coats, nail strengtheners, base coats, removers as well as nail and body art accessories.


Based on the latest technologies and carefully chosen ingredients, skincare line consists of serums in both day and night versions, face oils, a series of three face creams, makeup removers and toners.


The accessories complement product offerings, providing essential tools and enhancements to elevate the makeup experience. From high-quality makeup brushes to stylish cosmetic bags, our portfolio of accessories is designed to meet the diverse needs of makeup enthusiasts.


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Lines within INGLOT portfolio 


est. 1983

CORE line is created for customers seeking classic color cosmetics in minimalist yet elegant packaging, with innovative, science-based formulas, that instills trust built over years of delivering exceptional quality.

The line seamlessly meets the demands of professional makeup artists and individuals looking for everlasting beauty essentials.
Deeply ingrained in the brand’s heritage, CORE line continues to resonate with customers worldwide, offering a timeless array of cosmetics beloved by all.

INGLOT Playinn

INGLOT PLAYINN embodies openness and directness, offering vibrant and funky colors that resonate with individuals seeking fresh and contemporary beauty experience.

The line’s innovative formulas and trendsetting hues cater to the dynamic needs of today’s beauty enthusiasts, delivering a fusion of quality and affordability.

With a focus on accessibility and inclusivity, PLAYINN line celebrates individuality and self-expression, inviting everyone to explore and experiment with their beauty routines.


INGLOT LAB 1983 line is dedicated to the crucial task of preparing the skin before makeup application, employing a scientific approach rooted in laboratory research.
With a skin-focused philosophy, focusing on active ingredients and rich formulas, our skincare products are designed to nourish and prime the skin, leaving it flawless and ready for the next steps of beauty routine.

By combining innovation with efficacy, our skincare line empowers individuals to achieve their skincare goals and enhance the natural beauty of their skin.

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