As we embark on the
journey towards a more
sustainable future...

take a moment to highlight the significant strides we are making in integrating sustainability into every stage of our operations at INGLOT.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond products; it’s a fundamental part of our identity. We are dedicated to promoting ethical sourcing, energy-efficient practices and championing eco-friendly solutions. We are aware that the way to sustainability is long and difficult, yet we are taking conscious steps to minimize the impact on the environment and follow necessary laws and regulations.

Reusable packaging


INGLOT pioneered in introducing a concept of reusable, eco-friendly palettes called FREEDOM SYSTEM to provide customers with freedom to interchange and rearrange colors and products. The innovative, magnetic palettes give flexibility in choosing favorite makeup items in individual pans and once used they can be refilled. Since the material of the palette is solid it can be used for years without the need for exchange. The Freedom System line consists of products for eyes, brows, lips and face makeup as well as classic palettes or lightweight Flexi Eco Palette made of naturally colored bamboo, with the unique pattern created by the tree rings makes each palette one of a kind.

Freedom System also offers a space-saving solution as the palettes can be stacked on each other. 


By producing our products locally, we have gained greater control over the entire production process, ensuring that our products consistently meet the highest quality standards. Not only does this allow us to respond more quickly to the needs of our customers and market trends, but it also reduces transportation costs and lead times. Moreover, our commitment to local manufacturing supports job creation and economic growth in our community, aligning with our values of social responsibility and sustainability.

Specialized Research and
Development Center

The Specialized Research and Development Center was established with a clear focus on innovation and advancement, aiming to deliver new, safe, effective, and reliable products to the market. It serves as a hub for cross-disciplinary research programs, fostering collaboration with universities and scientific institutions. With a dedication to continuous improvement and breakthroughs, it plays a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth and maintaining its competitive edge in the industry.

Production plants

Strategically centralized production plants in one location optimize our operations and deliver the highest quality products to our customers. By consolidating the manufacturing processes, we streamline logistics, improve supply chain efficiency, and ensure consistent quality across all our offerings.

This approach also fosters better communication and coordination among our teams, enabling us to respond quickly to market demands and deliver innovative solutions. With our production plants in one place, we’re committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our business and meeting the diverse needs of our customers with ease and efficiency.


At the workshop, innovation thrives as our dedicated team of experts crafts the latest techniques, and designs. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, we swiftly prototype and test new products such as furniture to our stores, for multibrands or stands for trade shows, to ensure they meet our rigorous quality standards.


With towering shelves and advanced automated systems, our high-bay warehouse maximizes storage capacity while optimizing efficiency in handling our diverse range of cosmetic products. This cutting-edge facility ensures swift retrieval and dispatch of goods, streamlining our supply chain operations and enabling us to meet the demands of our customers with precision and speed.

Equipped with state-of-the-art inventory management technology, we maintain real-time visibility and control over our stock levels, minimizing errors and ensuring seamless order fulfillment.


The implementation of various energy saving solutions includes the transition from fluorescent lighting to energy-efficient LED fixtures, the installation of intelligent lighting control systems to adjust brightness based on daylight levels, and the use of solar panels for heating water in certain buildings, and more.
Production plants + laboratories + warehouses

  • We have initiated the replacement of fluorescent lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LED lights in our production halls.
  • In the SRDC (Specialized Research & Development Centre) building, an intelligent lighting control and supervision system is employed alongside LED fixtures, adjusting brightness and lighting requirements based on daylight intensity, and installing glass roofing with photovoltaic panels over the main atrium.
  • The high-bay warehouse building utilizes a solar system for heating domestic hot water.
  • We are implementing an energy monitoring and analysis system to not only track energy consumption but also optimize usage by analyzing energy needs, eliminating momentary spikes and power overruns, thereby enabling production adjustment and reducing energy demand.

Stores in Poland

  • All stores and display islands are equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting, with fluorescent lighting occasionally present in the back rooms (with the exception of one location)
  • Energy-efficient LED panels are installed for presentations instead of monitors in some of the stores
  • Videowall presentations are displayed during store operating hours.


We dispose of household wastewater into the municipal sewer system, which then goes to the wastewater treatment plant and subsequently flows into the river after purification. Rainwater from paved surfaces, roofs, and parking lots is first directed to an oil separator before being discharged into the river. Periodic tests are conducted on discharged rainwater to ensure compliance with quality requirements.

We do not generate industrial wastewater, as our production processes are designed to collect liquid pollutants in specialized, secure containers for proper disposal by authorized entities, such as solvent recovery. As we discharge rainwater into the river, we participate in active river restocking by financially supporting a local fishing association. In some production processes where water is used as a heat carrier (e.g., heating jackets of production machinery), the water from these jackets is recirculated for reuse instead of being discharged into the sewer system.


Dust from the production processes of eyeshadows and carpentry is captured and redirected from the processes to sealed containers instead of being released into the air. These containers are periodically emptied, and the waste is transferred to authorized entities for disposal.

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