INGLOT mission

Empowering beauty worldwide through exceptional products, inclusive community
& unwavering trust.

Brand values


  • Inglot’s cosmetics are the result of a deliberate fusion of extensive scientific expertise and numerous years of laboratory research, yielding products that are not only safe and effective but also enhance one’s natural beauty and enable the expression of individuality.
  • Our products are developed through rigorous research conducted by our team of qualified and experienced chemists, technologists, and cosmetologists. Inglot boasts a comprehensive set of laboratories for product development and innovation, including a microbiology laboratory, a quality control laboratory, a new product development laboratory, an upgraded product development laboratory, and a newly established laboratory specifically dedicated to innovation (SPSR).
  • We ensure that every product delivered to our customers adheres to the highest standards of safety, effectiveness, and reliability.


  • Inglot is synonymous with reliability, practicality, and functionality. Our color cosmetics are enriched with active ingredients to ensure that they not only beautify but also care for the skin.
  • We pride ourselves on offering multifunctional beauty products, versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways to suit the needs of our customers.
  • Inglot adheres to the principle of not compromising on prestige, ensuring that our products are of the highest quality while still being offered at a fair price.


  • The importance of color cannot be overstated, as it is a cornerstone of our brand values, particularly our commitment to an extensive color system. This system is not just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic tool that gives us a competitive advantage. By offering a wide array of colors, we cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of our customers, ensuring that our products stand out in a crowded marketplace. Stylishness, for us, is about striking the right balance between harmony and staying abreast of the latest trends.
  • Our color system is designed to empower freedom of expression, offering a vast range of colors that align with current trends, market demands, and, most importantly, the individual preferences of our customers. This approach underscores our dedication to meeting the unique needs of every customer, making our color system a pivotal element of our brand values.


  • Emphatic beauty represents a core brand value that embraces inclusivity and diversity. Our definition of beauty transcends cultural, social backgrounds, age, and gender, ensuring that every individual is considered. At Inglot, we have a deep understanding of the myriad needs that define beauty, including the spectrum of complexions and types.
  • We uphold this value by offering an extensive color range, meticulously crafted to meet the varied needs of customers worldwide. Our commitment to emphatic beauty is about honoring the uniqueness of each person and providing them with the means to express their individuality.


  • Inglot has consistently maintained the highest standards of ethical behavior.
  • Since 2011 the brand has been GMP certified (optional certification) which ensures the best conditions of production and highest possible quality of ingredients.
  • Every product is made with the highest quality certified and tested ingredients. Local production guarantees control of every stage in the product’s development. 95% of our products are made in specialized and modern laboratories and production facilities located at the headquarters of the company in Przemysl (Poland, EU). Inglot revolutionized the cosmetics industry with the introduction of their Freedom System, a customizable and reusable pan system for eyeshadow and other makeup products.


  • Over the span of 40 years, our brand has steadily cultivated the trust of our clients by consistently delivering superior quality products at affordable prices. Inglot, at its heart, is a family business (Inglot family owns over 99% of shares), established and originally operated by the founding Inglot family. Today, the brand’s legacy is carried forward under the stewardship of the second generation. This seamless blend of tradition with a keen awareness of modern market trends and consumer needs is what characterizes Inglot’s enduring success and appeal.

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