Quality, Durability, and Safety – Three Key Features of INGLOT Hybrid Gel Nail Polish Collection

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The INGLOT Hybrid Gel Nail Polish collection was created to meet the expectations of customers looking for the highest quality and safest products. This is the answer to the growing needs of people with sensitive skin, for whom standard hybrid polishes may cause irritation. The entire line of polishes is formulated without HEMA and di-HEMA components, minimizing the risk of allergies and irritation. Moreover, thanks to a formula that provides full coverage in just two coats, the polishes offer intense color and durability lasting up to three weeks.

Discover 20 durable shades of INGLOT Hybrid Gel Nail Polish

The polishes are known for their durability and deep, saturated colors. Each of the 20 carefully selected shades allows for creating diverse, elegant styles. From delicate pastels through intense pinks and reds to deep burgundy, navy, and black, everyone can find a shade that suits their needs. INGLOT Hybrid Gel Nail Polish is vegan.

INGLOT Hybrid Base 01 and INGLOT Keratin Hybrid Base 02 – Foundations of Lasting Manicure

Available in the range, two hybrid bases are essential for maintaining a long-lasting manicure effect. INGLOT Hybrid Base 01 is easy to apply and provides perfect coverage; its natural color is an excellent base for colored hybrid polishes. For those with brittle nails, the INGLOT Keratin Hybrid Base 02, enriched with keratin, strengthens the nail plate, aids in regeneration, and prevents cracking. Each base is carefully formulated to deliver the best results and extend nail styling.

INGLOT Hybrid Top 11 – A Finish Full of Shine

The INGLOT Hybrid Top 11 not only provides intense shine but also protects the manicure from wear and chipping, extending its durability. Its creamy consistency and convenient brush allow for precise application, making nail styling not only beautiful but also professional, and the results last immaculately for a long time.

The new collection of INGLOT hybrid polishes was created with the aim of ensuring maximum safety and comfort of use, even for people with sensitive skin. The product line combines durability, beauty, and health care. Discover your favorite colors and enjoy a unique manicure that will accompany you for many days.

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