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Do you desire perfect makeup that enhances your beauty? Choosing the right brushes is the key. Type of bristles, length, shape…. does it really matter? Meet our set of irreplaceable brushes that will make your daily makeup routine a real pleasure. Remember, makeup is your self-expression, your art form, so it makes sense to find the perfect tools to create your masterpiece. Ready for a metamorphosis?

Natural or synthetic brushes?

Brushes differ not only in shape, but also in the bristles they are made of. They are divided into natural and synthetic. Natural bristles are characterized by a porous structure, which ensures great adhesion of cosmetics to its surface. As a result, the product will spread evenly on its surface and on the face. Synthetic bristles also have their advantages, they are ideal for applying liquid products and those applied “wet”, retaining their original shape for a long time. Such bristles are also a great choice for people with sensitive skin, as they do not irritate it.

Makeup brushes for eyeshadows

Create the perfect eyelid makeup with precision brushes of small size – slightly puffy ones are perfect for blending, i.e. softly blurring shadows on the eyelids, while flatter ones are perfect for applying eyeshadows and evening out the color. Brushes with shorter bristles concentrate the product more in one place, making them more precise, while those with longer bristles give you the ability to work out larger areas. Well-chosen accessories will make it easier to highlight the shape of the eyelids or correct them.

MAKEUP BRUSH 22T – flexible synthetic bristles perfectly and evenly apply eyeshadow base and glue on embellishments.
INGLOT PLAYINN MAKEUP BRUSH 205 – a brush with a slightly flattened surface is the ideal choice for applying loose eyeshadows and pigments, minimizing their dusting.
MAKEUP BRUSH 49SS – a brush with a rounded, small surface is ideal for spot application of eyeshadows on both the upper and lower eyelids and precise blending.
MAKEUP BRUSH 46SS – ideal for blending and blending eyeshadows. Creates a mist of color on the skin without the need for long and hard rubbing, allowing you to achieve a perfect transition and blurring effect.
MAKEUP BRUSH 27P – a brush with a larger surface suitable for the application of matte eyeshadows on the entire eyelid to unify its color and prepare for further eyeshadow application.
MAKEUP BRUSH 42T – flexible, cut bristles with a thin painting surface work perfectly with cream and gel products to create a perfect line.

Eyebrow makeup brushes

The choice of brushes for eyebrows depends on how you style them. If your eyebrow arch is dense and all you need is to arrange the hairs, then a special brush for applying fixing soap will suffice. If you need a gentle filling in of the eyebrow shadow, bet on a beveled brush made of natural bristles, which ensures perfect adhesion of the product. Do your eyebrows have empty spaces? Don’t worry, you can easily fill them in with a gel eyebrow liner using a precision brush with cut synthetic bristles.

MAKEUP BRUSH 31T – springy synthetic bristles work perfectly with cream products not only for eyebrows, but also for eyelids.
MAKEUP BRUSH 17TL – natural bristles are ideal for the application of pressed shadows on the eyebrows. The very good adhesion of the product is a guarantee of a simple application without any sprinkling.
MAKEUP BRUSH 60S – Brush in the shape of a brush, in combination with eyebrow soap applies the perfect amount of product and perfectly comb them out, leaving the hairs arranged.

Foundation brushes

Evening out the skin tone is very important in any type of makeup, as it is the base for the application of the rest of the cosmetics. When choosing your favorite foundation brush, be guided by your expectations of the effect you want to achieve. It’s also a good idea to match it with the products you are working with, so that you get the effect of a flawless complexion. A foundation brush should have synthetic bristles that do not absorb product.
MAKEUP BRUSH 20T – works perfectly with liquid and creamy textures. We work with it, spreading the product in one stroke after another. This gives us control over the product and the ability to build opacity. The beveled shape allows for easy application of foundation also in hard-to-reach areas like the eye or nose area.
INGLOT PLAYINN MAKEUP BRUSH 201 – Dense and firmly compacted synthetic bristles allow for a strong coverage effect. Evenly applies even thick and difficult to apply foundations giving the effect of a smooth complexion. Ideal for applying foundation by patting and blending.
MAKEUP BRUSH 27TG – duo fiber brush, created with two types of bristles, ideal for liquid, more flowing foundations. The long and flexible bristles facilitate application and provide a natural effect.
MAKEUP BRUSH 51S – a face and body brush made of dense, synthetic bristles. Its large size and fan shape allows for easy and quick application of products on larger areas of the body, such as the neck and décolletage.
BLENDING SPONGE – very soft for comfortable application. The oval shape makes it easy to blend cream products and prevents streaks, and blends creamy products into a single layer.

Powder brushes

The application of powder provides fixation of the makeup and allows to mattify the T-zone. The brush with which you apply powder affects the final look of your makeup. Dense and firmly compacted bristles apply more product to the face, providing stronger coverage than loose, fluffy bristle brushes, which produce a fine mist of color.

MAKEUP BRUSH 1SS – the large surface area and loose distribution of bristles will ensure that the skin is gently brushed with your favorite powder. Extremely soft and springy bristles will guarantee a comfortable application.
MAKEUP BRUSH 36BJF – dense, rounded and relatively short bristles will make the powder spread evenly and in a larger, appropriate amount. With this type of brush, apply makeup in a circular motion, this will guarantee that you apply the product proportionally on your face, and your complexion will look flawless. Minor skin irregularities will be evened out.
MAKEUP BRUSH 15BJF – medium-sized, rounded bristles prevent excessive product dusting. It perfectly applies both loose and pressed powders. This brush is also reliable for applying bronzing powders, giving the effect of sun-kissed skin.

Lip makeup brushes

Lip makeup brushes should, above all, be precise, to easily highlight the contour of the lips and apply lipstick or gloss. The slightly oval shape of the bristles allows you to quickly and evenly distribute the product on the lips and correct asymmetry.
MAKEUP BRUSH 43S – practical packaging is ideal for travel, evenly applies lipstick and gloss on the lips.
SABLE BRUSH – practical packaging is ideal for traveling, evenly applies lipstick and lip gloss on the lips.

Brushes for bronzer and highlighter

The brushes with which you apply bronzers and highlighters should be matched to which cosmetics you use. If you rely on pressed products – choose a brush with natural bristles. Prefer contouring with cream products? Choose brushes with synthetic bristles.

MAKEUP BRUSH 37R – a fan-shaped brush made of natural and flexible raccoon hair. Mostly used for applying highlighter or sweeping makeup off the face.
INGLOT PLAYINN MAKEUP BRUSH 203 – ideal for wet contouring, the small surface area and synthetic bristles precisely apply cream bronzers, blushes and highlighters, as well as smudge them easily, creating a soft transition between cosmetics.
MAKEUP BRUSH 4SS – a universal brush that should not be missing in your makeup bag – you can use it to apply loose and pressed highlighters, as well as to fix powder on small and hard-to-reach areas, such as around the nose or under the eyes. Soft and dense bristles ensure even application of the product.
MAKEUP BRUSH 15BJF – medium-sized, rounded bristles will prevent excessive product dusting. This brush is reliable for applying bronzing powders, giving the effect of sun-kissed skin.

When choosing the perfect brushes, remember that this is an investment for years, which will enhance your beauty in any makeup. Choose not only according to the softness of the bristles, but also pay attention to the ergonomic shape and quality of the handle. It’s attention to detail that brings excellent results.
Do not forget that proper care of brushes is the key to their long-term use. Regular washing, gentle drying and storage in the right conditions will significantly affect the durability and quality of your tools. In addition, it’s worth getting a special disinfecting liquid, which will not only clean your brushes perfectly, but also ensure their highest hygiene. In this way, your brushes will remain fresh and effective for many years, helping you achieve the perfect makeup every time.

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